Food Photography in lessons.

Many of us are obsessed with taking pictures of food. The food we bake or cook, the food we are served in a restaurant or food placed neatly in patisserie windows. ( I have often been spotted with a camera happily taking pictures outside Betty’s in Yorkshire). As a food teacher, I spend most of… Continue reading Food Photography in lessons.

Food Technology School Trip – Sorrento here we come!!!!

I am beyond excited. I am in the process of arranging a trip for  my Year 10 – Year 13 pupils to experience the wonderful food culture of Italy in one of the most beautiful places that I have visited in the world – Sorrento. The beautiful coast, trees lined with lemons;  Limoncello, garlic and… Continue reading Food Technology School Trip – Sorrento here we come!!!!

Setting targets in group based activities.

Pupils respond enthusiastically to target settings particularly in practical lessons or in group based activities. It takes a bit of effort but if you can look through your mark book and observation notes from practical lessons and set each pupil an individual target you can clearly see progress. A nice added touch is to put… Continue reading Setting targets in group based activities.

Food Preservation Starter Activity

This is a very simple starter to generate discussion for a lesson on Food Preservation. Starter Activity   Answer the two questions below independently:   Describe what happens to an apple when it decays? Can you cut the mould of food and eat it?   Now watch the two following clips and add more detail… Continue reading Food Preservation Starter Activity

Why schools should have a Bake Off style competition?

The British Public love the Bake Off. Every school should consider having a bake off style competition. Why? Its fun, it promotes the application of practical food skills and science, it brings people together, it allows pupils and staff to switch off from the pressures of school life. It can also be an exciting charity… Continue reading Why schools should have a Bake Off style competition?

Discussing Food and Health Issues at A Level.

I am constantly advising my A level pupils to read about current food and health issues. I refer them to reliable websites, evidence based magazines and journals and books in the library. I’m not sure if they do this. So to ensure they are up to date with current issues, I find myself trawling through… Continue reading Discussing Food and Health Issues at A Level.

Food Styling and Photography

This lesson was inspired by a visit to delicious magazine where a group of experienced and talented  food stylists give my pupils a challenge to style a plate of food as if it was for a photo shoot. My pupils loved it so I decide to buy a photo box like the one below on… Continue reading Food Styling and Photography

Introducing food culture :Spanish Paella

Spanish Food Culture : Making and eating Paella together Objectives To understand the key characteristics of Spanish Food Culture To follow recipe instructions and hygiene and safety procedures carefully to make a pan of paella. To work effectively in teams to carry out sensory analysis on Paella. Starter Hands washed, aprons on, bags in safe… Continue reading Introducing food culture :Spanish Paella