Street foods made easy.

Every Thursday afternoon our school offers pupils a broad and varied enrichment programme. This is great because as a food teacher I have the opportunity to hold a two hour jam packed session of practising skills and acquiring knowledge about food. So far I have delivered a 7 week programme on street food made easy, food styling and photography and I’m currently running one on world breads.The street food one is by far the most popular session so I will tell you a bit about this one.

I have tried to pick recipes from all over the world and these has very much influenced by my experiences while travelling the world and photos I have taken along the way.

So the seven recipes I did during the rotation where as follows:

India – Samosas
America – Pretzels
Thailand- Pad Thai
Italy – Pizza/ Calzone
France – Crepe or Pain au Chocolat
Greece – Gyros
England- Cornish Pastie

Other potential options include:

Japan – Sushi
Peru- ceviche or quinoa burgers
Australia – Pukka Pie
South Africa – Bobotie Burger

The joy about teaching street foods is that each week brings with it a completely different set of flavours, smells, techniques and skills and the cultural facts about the country the food originates from and all those holiday snaps of food come in handy too. I really enjoy teaching this rotation.

Feel free to comment or email me at if you would like to discuss this blog further.

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