World Breads

Every Thursday afternoon our school offers pupils a broad and varied enrichment programme. This is great because as a food teacher I have the opportunity to have a two hour jam packed session of practising skills and acquiring knowledge about food. So far I have delivered a 7 week programme on street foods and food styling and photography. This rotation it is all about bread and I’m very excited as I love demonstrating bread shaping skills and techniques. This week I chose to teach the pupils some very basic bread shaping and started with the easy task of making breadsticks,followed by Italian inspired recipe called Panini All’Olio which required pupils to make tavalli ( twisted spiral rolls), filoncini (finger shaped rolls)and carcifio (artichoke shaped rolls).
It was a very interactive session and pupils really impressed me with their finished bread products. I also had another GCSE lesson on Chelsea buns and they were very successful too. It always amazes me how bread really has the wow factor, that such an amount of bread can be made from so few ingredients and it’s also relatively cheap to make.


Over the next few weeks we will be making
Fragrant spiced flatbreads
Stuffed Naan Breads
Sunshine loaf
Pain au chocolat
Soda bread

Bring on the kneading!

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