Articulate Food And Nutrition.


I would describe my teaching style as interactive. This is probably because I am myself very much a kinesthetic learner and I tend to get bored easily so I empathise  with pupils who find it difficult to sit still and learn from a book.

I have discussed the value of learning through games in lots of other posts such as using food boggle, top chomp cards and the food and mental health game ( see links below).

Over the Christmas holidays my family and friends had great fun playing the game Articulate Your Life and I have taken inspiration from this game to design a game I could use in food lessons as a revision tool.

Articulate – Food Preparation and Nutrition Word Game

How to Play

Divide your class into teams of 4/5.

Each team takes a turn to roll the dice.

The number that they roll on the dice corresponds with a topic and a colour  on the word cards. If the dice lands on the number 6 the team can pick a topic of choice.

A team member needs to read the word that corresponds with the number and the colour and must give others in the team clues as to what that word may be.

Players cannot name or say the word itself or any derivative. Players cannot say what the word starts with or how many letter it contains or use rhyming sounds.

Players can gesticulate, act or mime (but not by mouthing) and give words or sentences as clues.

Players can choose to pass and not play a card but only twice in a turn.

Each team has 40 seconds to get through as many word cards as possible. Each word card that is answered correctly is worth 1 point.

The team that scores the most points wins.


Topic Colour Number Roll on Dice
Food Nutrition and Health Navy 1
Food Provenance Yellow 2
Food Safety Green 3
Food Science Blue 4
Food Choice Grey 5
Pick any topic 6


You will find the words cards on this link if you are interested in using it with your class. Enjoy!



Feel free to comment or email me at if you would like to discuss this blog further.

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