Food Investigation Task

Food Investigation Tasks

I recently did two experimental lessons on Food Investigation Tasks for the new curriculum. I am not really sure if I have the right idea but it’s a start and the pupils responded pretty positively. I like these lessons because they are ideal for combining theory (particularly food science) with the practical application of skills.

So today we looked at the definition of denaturation and coagulation while cooking eggs in four different ways

1 Boiling

2. Poaching

3. Scrambling

4. Shallow frying.

I also got each pupil to grill a piece of toast as I wanted them all to be familiar with using the grill and to understand radiation as a method of heat transfer. This was a simple and inexpensive activity but effective.By the end of the lesson the pupil had a clear understanding of the key terms radiation, coagulation and denaturation.


If you would like to use the worksheet click on this link :


Food Investigation Task – cooking eggs

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