Articulate Food And Nutrition.

  I would describe my teaching style as interactive. This is probably because I am myself very much a kinesthetic learner and I tend to get bored easily so I empathise  with pupils who find it difficult to sit still and learn from a book. I have discussed the value of learning through games in… Continue reading Articulate Food And Nutrition.

Functional and chemical properties of Protein.

I have recently started using PREZI presentations to ensure that my pupils have the  necessary detail in their notes.Here are the links to some of the prezi’s that I use on protein if anyone would like to use them. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a relaxing break. S… Continue reading Functional and chemical properties of Protein.

Food Investigation Task

Food Investigation Tasks I recently did two experimental lessons on Food Investigation Tasks for the new curriculum. I am not really sure if I have the right idea but it’s a start and the pupils responded pretty positively. I like these lessons because they are ideal for combining theory (particularly food science) with the practical… Continue reading Food Investigation Task