Using BBC teach animation videos in food and nutrition lessons

The BBC teach website has recently launched a series of animated video clips based on the new GCSE Food and Nutrition curriculum. The videos which have been animated by Matt Howarth and the content written by food expert and consultant Anita Cormac OBE will be a welcome addition to my scheme of work in the upcoming years.

The series includes 9 videos of key topics in the new curriculum including:


Healthy Eating

Eatwell Guide

The importance of eating breakfast.

Cooking Methods


Sensory Testing

Food Production and Processing

Food Safety

During the production of the videos, I felt very privileged to be asked to be honorary consultant in the process. This meant that my advice was sought in relation to the content, its suitability and how the videos would help with teaching the new curriculum. As part of this process I piloted the videos with my key stage 4 pupils who were invited to critique the videos.Their comments were very helpful in fine tuning the final versions.

The pupils in general loved the graphics, sound effects and the use of flashcards for key definitions. The y found the introduction of what they will learn particularly helpful and were very much in agreement that the videos were excellent teaching aids and  revision tools. So I hope you enjoy using them in your own lessons as much as I enjoyed being involved in the production and piloting of them.

Check out the links below and see for yourselves.



5 thoughts on “Using BBC teach animation videos in food and nutrition lessons

  1. Hi Sam, I think these videos are great but I am struggling to access al of them. What is the website that I can find these on? thanks Lou


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